As a Customer

There are several ways to browse our listings.

The first is if you know what you want, search for it directly in the search bar at the top, or from our Market page and see if any of our amazing providers are offering it. From here, you can filter by providers supporting certain causes or offering additional values (such as recycled products or no plastic packaging)

Alternatively, if you’d just like to browse, you can do so by exploring our categories, or the listing page as well. From here, the same filters are available.

Another method is to see all the available listings from a particular company or which products fall under certain characteristics (such as made from recycled material or are vegan).

As a Business to sell

First you will need to register an account and choose a membership. You can choose to sell your products on Eleemo's marketplace or advertise your site through our directory displaying B2B and service based businesses.

Once you’ve decided on your membership, you will be taken through a Store Setup process. Upon completing this step, you'll then have access to your Seller Dashboard, where you’ll be able to start posting listings. Add some products and let the customers come peruse your wonderful products!

Have more questions? Check our our FAQs or head over to our Pricing page to begin your registration.

**Eleemo will take a percentage of every transaction made through the site, on top of the subscription service.