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All our vendors have at least one characteristic that goes beyond profit making. It could be anything from donating funds from their sales to the environment or that they empower indigenous Australians. They must have some quality that is deemed to be 'going beyond business' to be able to be registered here!

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Every week we hand-pick some of the best new items from our collection. These beautiful creations are making our heads turn!

Sample Shirt (Copy)

Store:  Rizzik
0 out of 5
100 % Pure Cotton 23 Color 7XL Oversized Button Up Shirt Striped Plaid Shirt Long Sleeve Shirt for Men Casual Slim Fit Shirt Men

Test variable

Store:  StoreTest
0 out of 5

Zop with Open Back

Store:  StoreTest
0 out of 5

Stylish multi-coloured top. Made from the finest materials. What a great example product!

NOTE: Model not included.

Ambiguous Geometric Memory Capture

Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $19.97.
Store:  StoreTest
0 out of 5

Pointy wooden block with print on it.

Look at that SKIRT!

Store:  StoreTest
0 out of 5

It's pretty impressive isn't it!

Call that a bonsai!

Store:  StoreTest
0 out of 5

It's not even a real bonsai...

Kickback chair DELUXE

0 out of 5

This chair makes all the hair at the fair into a pair!

Seeing Eye Gog(gles)

0 out of 5

Come one, come all, come claim your Seeing Eye Gog(gles). Just to clarify, there are no cute labradors here. Yet... We should get an office dog.

Wooden stick with brush

Original price was: $999.00.Current price is: $990.00.
0 out of 5

Limited edition sticks. Not the pick up variety

Synthetic Outer Garment

0 out of 5

Another product, another description of what it is. 50% clothing, 50% emergency bandage in a bear attack. You're welcome.

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