: of, relating to, or supported by charity

Eleemo was born out of the chaos that were the years 2020 & 2021. Online shopping exploded as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and I found myself going straight to a certain online marketplace to easily source the things I was after.

But it just didn’t feel right. Thousands of Aussie lives had changed, be it from bushfires or harsh lockdowns. Every environmental report that was released painted a scarier picture than the one before. And here I was, sending money offshore and inadvertently bank rolling an egomaniacal race to space, one which we were impercipiently thanked for our contribution. I wanted the convenience of the same online marketplace but with more power over where I was spending, rather than what I was spending on.

It took a while for it to become a reality; life gets in the way and all that. Yet here it is, a platform that you can sort by the causes the companies are supporting; that can show you who donates their profits to environmental action; an avenue for you to support the things you care most for. All while continuing with your online shopping habits.

It’s not perfect but it’s a start. Eleemo will grow and continue to support the people and causes we care about.

For the people wanting to support those affected by bushfires. For the people wanting to keep plastic from the oceans. For the people passionate about education. For the people who want to help other people.

Eleemo is for us.